Ta bort eller skriv om

Fixar med uppsatsen. Så här står det:

In “A critique of utilitarianism” (1973) Williams’ argumentation is based on two examples. First there is George who is a chemist having a hard time getting a job. An older chemist says that George can get a decently paid job researching into chemical and biological warfare, which George is opposed to. The older chemist knows that if George refuses the job, the one who gets it won’t be opposed to chemical and biological warfare and hence will be more eager in his research.

Just to get it of my chest, I must say that I find parts of this example quite dated. Especially this part annoys me: “[George’s] wife has to go out to work to keep them, which itself causes a great deal of strain, since they have small children and there are severe problems about looking after them. The results of all this, especially on the children, are damaging” (Williams 1973, p. 97). Because fathers can’t take care of their own children, without challenging their well-being? I understand this is meant to give more weight to George’s dilemma, but it just makes Williams look stupid.

Sen en liten kommentar till mig själv: ta bort eller skriv om.

Jag tog bort det andra stycket. Det är inte väsentligt för det jag skriver. Men jag vill ändå poängtera att exemplet blir dåligt. Då är det bra att ha en blogg där man kan skriva av sig.



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